Luxury Protection
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For luxury items more than anything else, trust matters.

We understand that. That’s why the OneShop team manually screens all listings that go on the OneShop marketplace. For listings that include luxury items, we may choose to do a deeper review of the listing, its luxury items, and the seller.

Depending on the outcome of the review, OneShop may decide to manually grant this listing Luxury Protection coverage. This means OneShop will cover the purchase in full for buyers in the case of an inauthenticity claim.

Process a Claim

We hope you never have to use this policy, but if you do we’ve got you covered. Please be patient, carefully read the steps below, and follow each step in full so we can process a refund.

Note that to be eligible you must have already submitted in a timely fashion your unboxing video as covered in our standard Buyer Protection Policy.

All claims for listings under Luxury Protection must be made within 72 hours of receiving the package by emailing support@oneshop.com with an email titled “Luxury Protection Claim”. In this email please include your OneShop phone number and details about the listing you purchased so we can identify which one.

Our support team will then follow up with a prepaid shipping label for you to use to ship the listing to the OneShop team. Note that you must send back the entire package in the same condition that you received it in and that all items originally received must be in the package. Unfortunately we cannot honor claims that don’t follow all of these steps.

Once the OneShop team receives your package, we’ll initiate the refund process.

Note that OneShop reserves the right to not process the refund in full for any reason. For example, if discrepancies are discovered in the return package or if it’s suspected that this policy is being abused.

What happens to the seller?

Sellers will be paid as usual but will receive a warning from the OneShop team. Sellers with repeated returns or reports related to inauthentic items may be subject to suspension or removal from the platform.

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