How to Increase Your Depop Followers Like a Pro
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Bring on the engagement.

Depop is an online marketplace with an active and growing community of sellers and buyers. Therefore, one fundamental way to get followers on Depop is to buckle down on engagement. And here are some effective ways to go about doing it:

  • Follow other users

    It’s a no-brainer because if you’re starting from zero to followers or have only a little following, you need to follow people to get noticed. This is one of the best ways to get followers on Depop because to get this done, you just need to head to your Depop app, and you can even opt to use a Depop bot to help you get this done faster and more efficiently.

  • Like user posts

    Make it a practice to like other people’s posts on Depop to increase your level of engagement. Aim to like products of people that have a similar style to what you offer so that you increase the odds of getting a follow back.

  • Comment and compliment

    Now and again, don’t be shy to give someone a well-deserved compliment if they have a great sense of style or even one similar to your own. People love being told they did a great job, and when you comment on their post, be sure to be genuine about it, so it’s more appreciated.

  • Send messages

    When browsing other profiles, don’t be afraid to message someone. However, just be careful that you don’t lead them to believe that you are buying something if you aren’t, as many sellers often get their hopes up when they get messages.

Make your products eye-catching or more interesting.

Needless to say that one effective way to get more followers is to post good and interesting products that will get people’s attention. Like any other social and online shopping site, people will follow people with great content.

So make sure that you’re one of these people on Depop to follow. You don’t need to be a celebrity to do this. Remember that no matter what type of stuff you post, always think about how you can make it better for your content. Focus on lovely aesthetic photos and items and optimize your descriptions.

Tips to improve Depop posts:

  • Take good photos of your items, maintain a general theme and consistency with your photos
  • Use good lighting for your photos
  • Use a good camera
  • Style your models well even if you are selling one item, add in accessories on the model that makes the actual product look nicer.
  • Put each item on a similar color background and remain consistent with your theme.

Join online communities

You can also get more Depop followers by joining online communities such as seller communities and even buyer communities to better understand what your buyer wants and how they think.

Optimize your Depop bio

When making a good first impression, always make sure that your profile is clear to potential buyers. This means optimizing your bio, and the key is to make it short, sweet, and always get to the point. You don’t need to write a long bio because most people often opt out of reading long-form content.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the best ways to grow your following on Depop, we have one last tip to help you gain an advantage over your competition and boost your sales.

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OneShop acts as your own sales expert by listing and relisting across multiple online marketplaces, which leaves you more time to work on more important things for your business rather than spending hours doing listings across platforms manually.

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