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Local Pickup

Policies Quick Reference FAQ

Contacting Support

How can I contact OneShop support in case of an issue?

Shipping Guarantees

How long does a listing I bought take to ship?

  • Shipping times vary based on the type of order. For preconstructed bundle lots, sellers have 3 business days to ship all orders, excluding US bank holidays. For other order types, like direct from the vendor, check the listing for shipping estimates or coordinate directly with the seller.

What happens if a seller can't ship on time?

  • Buyers may receive a $10 courtesy credit if a seller can't ship on time. Tracking, shipping insurance, and signature may apply.

Who is responsible for package delivery?

  • Buyers must ensure delivery by accepting the package. Refusing delivery or returning to sender voids buyer protections and refunds. All sales above $300 must require signature on delivery, barring a carrier-level override by the buyer.

Are shipments insured?

  • When shipped via OneShop labels, the package has tracking, shipping insurance, and delivery insurance automatically. Shipments direct from the vendor may not be insured; check with the seller in these cases.

Returns and Refunds

How do returns and refunds work?

  • Upon delivery, OneShop will request a review within the app. Purchases reviewed within 24 hours AND not aligned with the listing disclosures can be submitted for a refund, with shipping paid by the buyer. Authentication is not covered; see our full policies for more detail.

Canceling Orders

Can orders be canceled?

  • All orders are final. Orders unfulfilled orders for more than 3 business days may be automatically canceled and refunded by OneShop.

Luxury Protection

How does Luxury Protection work?

  • Listings marked with luxury item protection have undergone additional screening. For issues with items that include luxury protection, claims must be made within 72 hours, and returned items must match the original package. See our full luxury protection policy for more details.

Intellectual Property and Content Removal

How are intellectual property violations handled?

  • Report violations to copyright@oneshop.com. Content violating policies may be removed, including unauthorized images or messages.

Selling Responsibilities

What must be in a listing?

  • Sellers must accurately represent items, follow photo guidelines, and conduct all activity on the OneShop platform.

Are there restrictions on the items I can sell?

  • OneShop focuses on women's apparel categories. Additional categories may be allowed on a case-by-case basis.

Fees and Payment

How much does selling on OneShop cost sellers?

  • Sales made on OneShop are subject to payment processing (3.3% + 50¢) on the total cost of the invoice plus a 10% commission on the subtotal.

Is there sales tax?

  • Sales tax is charged to the buyer, and varies depending on their state and exemption status (pending a resale certificate).

How do I register as tax exempt?

  • The process varies based on the state of your shipping address. After registering with your state, you can fill out the certificate in our mobile app.

How are fees and payments handled?

  • Sales are subject to processing fees and commissions deducted automatically. Sales tax and state exemptions may apply.

Safety and Communication

Can I move sales off of OneShop?

  • For everyone’s safety, all communication and transactions must occur within the OneShop platform. Violations may lead to bans or loss of protections.

Scheduling a Pickup

How can I schedule a pickup for my purchase?

  • Pickups can be scheduled on eligible listings using the OneShop app. The exact location will be disclosed 2 hours before pickup within a predefined pickup region.

Is confirming a pickup time necessary?

  • Yes, confirming a pickup time is required to finalize your purchase. Make sure to schedule pickups at least 24 hours in advance and up to a week into the future.

What happens if I don't complete ID Verification for a pickup?

  • Buyers must complete ID Verification for pickups when the seller opts-in. Failure to do so may result in order cancellation.

What is the consequence of not using the OneShop app for pickups?

  • To ensure safety, pickups, purchases, and verification must be facilitated through the OneShop app. Failure to comply may lead to a ban from the platform.

ID Verification

When is buyer ID Verification required for pickups?

  • Sellers can request buyer ID Verification for pickups. If not already verified during scheduling, buyers have 15 minutes after reservation to complete ID Verification.

Do I need to verify my ID for each pickup?

  • If you've verified your ID for a prior pickup, you won't need to reverify for subsequent pickup purchases.

Confirming Pickup

How do I confirm a pickup has occurred?

  • Two hours before pickup, you'll receive the exact address and a PIN code. Both buyer and seller need the OneShop app with location services on. After pickup, share your PIN to confirm.

What happens if I fail to use location services or enter the PIN?

  • Failure to comply may lead to order cancellation and penalties. Refer to the No Show policy for more details.

What happens if I miss a scheduled pickup?

  • Missing a pickup may result in charges and penalties. Buyer fees are set by the seller, not exceeding the order cost.

What if someone doesn't show up for a pickup?

  • Not showing up should be reported to OneShop support. Penalties or bans may apply.
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