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For serious sellers, Poshmark is a side hustle turned into a full-time job that brings in another revenue stream by reselling used goods. Anyone can sell on Poshmark, however, not everyone can attain big sales and make the transition to having full-time incomes on Poshmark. When you’re experiencing a slow down of sales and that feeling of frustration starts to become too much, it’s natural to feel flustered. Poshmark has grown exponentially over the years and is by far much more competitive to make sales than it was when it first started.

Don't let your closet inventory get stale! Selling faster on Poshmark requires time and strategy to get the boost of sales. Reduce the idle time between acquiring the item and shipping it out to a buyer with these proven tips.

1. Send offers to likers soon

As soon as someone likes your items be sure to connect with them and send the shopper a private message to discuss an offer. It’s important to do this while the item is still fresh on their minds as potential buyers will often have already scouted other listings from other sellers.

Sending an offer is one of the keys to absolutely rocking sales and making your inventory sell faster. Being quick to send offers will give the shopper the extra initiative to check out the item and it also allows you to gain valuable feedback from customers that you can use to improve your sales strategy in the long run. Aside from this it also gives a sense of urgency to accept offers from sellers since they are only active for 24 hours. It also pays to be clear when it comes to closing deals about the flat rate or flat fee and if they want to opt for priority mailboxes.

2. Relist your stale listings

Relisting keeps your closet fresh, and it helps you in ranking higher on search results in the default ordering in Poshmark. This also helps buyers know that they are buying from an active closet and reassures them that the seller is credible seller. Nobody wants to buy from a closet that has not been active for months! Luckily, Poshmark services like OneShop can automate relisting for listings over 30 days old.

3. Sell the top brands

Potential buyers are always on the hunt for trendy items that are on top of the google searches so it’s a good idea to always have top brand name items such as Lululemon, Nike, Adidas, etc. included in your listings. And always remember to include the brand name and style name in your title, you’ll notice that all the best listings have them!

4. Invest in a photo setup!

Take quality photos that make potential buyers stop scrolling and take notice of your listing. Invest in a good photo setup, remove distracting backgrounds, use a mannequin, and brighten up your photos to give the impression of a clean and professional seller.

5. Use a Poshmark service to save time

Keeping up with all the work that you need to do as a seller is a lot to do. So in order to make sure you’re focusing your attention on tasks that need to get done such as sourcing inventory, creating listings, and other important areas of your life. Automating tasks that are too time-consuming and repetitive is the way to go if you want to relieve some stress and set your path to being a top seller on Poshmark. Luckily, OneShop can support automated sharing, offers to likers, relisting, and following other Poshers to expand your visibility.

6. Don't be afraid to sell at a lower cost than you like, but stay profitable!

If you get a lowball offer, always come back with a counter offer. Be sure that even if you’re selling at a discount of your retail price, make sure the offer is fair. Don't lose the opportunity for a sale by trying to squeeze the last few bucks! Be sure to factor in Poshmark's cut, the offer discount, and cost of shipping when calculating the final revenue from the listing.

7. Sell high-value and high-quality goods

From the seller perspective, it takes the same amount of time and effort to pack, label, and ship a $200 waist flattering dress and a $5 hip-length shirt. If the $200 dress brings in 10x the profit when compared to the shirt, it makes clear sense to sell more higher value goods! Don't give people the impression that reselling items on Poshmark closet is about goods that are in horribly used conditions. Just because it’s thrifting doesn’t mean you can’t find gems that you’d regret passing up! Be the kind of seller that makes the right impression by selling high-quality goods.

8. Share at all times

Selling is not a passive game if you want to sell faster and make more money. You have to be active on Poshmark if you want to maximize your sales potential. This involves doing the following:

- Sharing your own items

You want to be the first listing that a potential buyer sees as soon as they open Poshmark. And you can do this by sharing your items with your followers, to individual people, and to Posh parties. Top sellers always make it a routine to do self-shares at least a thousand times a month. A service like OneShop can help with this.

- Sharing other Posher’s items

Another way to expand your network and visibility is to share other people’s items. Just as you regularly do your routine self-shares, also make an effort to do community shares as well.

9. Be quick in responding to potential buyers!

By being punctual and responsive to inquiries and questions lets potential buyers know that you’re an active seller that prioritizes customer service and is serious about selling. Shoppers love to be catered to and anyway can vouch that a seller is good if they are polite, punctual, and accommodating- this impression is what you should strive to make if you want to sell faster on Poshmark.

How can OneShop help sell faster?

OneShop gives you the advantage to cut through competitors, getting you thousands of views from potential buyers without a Chrome extension! With OneShop's innovative design, this Poshmark service acts as your own sales expert in handling sharing, following, and sending offers to likers around the clock. Best of all, OneShop has built-in automatic protection that allows it to mimic human behavior and solves CAPTCHA's for you, freeing up your time to focus on growing your business and increasing fast sales!

Give OneShop a try with a commitment-free, 7-day trial with real-time assistance from our team for any questions or concerns.

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