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"There are many things that you can do to boost your sales. To do that, you will have to make your Poshmark listings visible to potential buyers. Learn here the importance of keywords and how it can help your listings appear more on search results."

Selling on different marketplaces such as Poshmark, Mercari, eBay, and other platforms has truly been a productive venture for many eCommerce resellers. While some people sell online as their full-time career, many others do it as their side hustle even when they have day jobs. Many beginners think of selling as an easy thing to do. You take a picture of your item, you say something about it, price it, hit the list button, and you're done -- you are now selling an item that many potential buyers can buy. You could also offer some discounts to potential buyers or and even send bundles to make possible conversions. Easy cash, right? Well, partly, yes. But there is more to selling than just putting words together to have something on its title and description.

Have you ever thought and wondered why there are listings that don't get sold? Why are there stale items sitting at the bottom of your Poshmark closet for months now when someone could have liked and bought them?

They might not be visible enough!

You see, when you're on a platform like Poshmark, you should be clear about what you want to achieve. Yes, selling can give you satisfying profits but knowing how you can turn your items into your buyers' purchases takes a lot of effort and enough knowledge about how you can catch the attention of your prospective buyers. As a Poshmark seller, it is your responsibility to know how you can reach your customers using the right words that can help you boost your visibility and, in turn, your Poshmark sales.

Keywords, as they are called, are not just a bunch of random words or phrases that say something about what you are selling. Like a key, it has a great significance on the specific topic, content, or trend that you want to be visible on the internet and rank high when searchers use search engines to look for something. These are words that are relevant to what your listing is all about. That is why it is important to keep in mind that you should use keywords that reflect all of the different poshers' preferences that will lead them to your listing.

Keywords are important because they play a big role in audience engagement. They will serve as the bridge between those Poshmark users searching for a specific item and your listing that you have published on the platform. With this in mind, your goal should be to appear on search engines and drive traffic to your closet with the keywords you choose to target.

The Role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Poshmark

In this modern era, many advertisers use one powerful method to reach their target audience virtually. Like your Poshmark closet, you can also take advantage of this seller tool that can drive a lot of buyers to your closet. If you are wondering what we are talking about, it is none other than the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) method.

This might sound complicated but trust us; you don't need to go through all youtube tutorials and blogs out there. All you need to do is be familiar with how it works and know the formula.

So how does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works? Before we dive right in, you must know the difference between static and dynamic pages.

To simply explain it, static webpages are those that have fixed content. They do not change, and they are shown to users exactly how they are published or stored. A good example of this is those retail websites wherein product pages are constant and do not need frequent updates aside from whether the product is available or not.

Dynamic pages, on the other hand, are those websites that have contents that constantly change. Many workarounds are happening in the backend of these web pages. It depends on who's viewing the site, the time zone where the visitor is, the language of the viewer's location, and many more. All this information and more changes every time.

With search engines, static pages tend to have a higher chance of ranking. This is because google bots' algorithm favors those pages that have information that it can quickly check. They easily get indexed where they find keywords that are given a score. The higher the score, the higher it ranks.

While ranking on SEO is easier on static pages, Poshmark listings are not in that arena. They are dynamic pages as they affect the order of listing each time you share them making them unable to rank. But don't lose hope yet! There are other strategies to get your listings in search engine results and give your closet a major boost.

Great Words To Use and Their Placement

Make a strong Title Template: Your listing title is the most important part of your listing. And for you to come up in searches on the Poshmark app, a strong, well-structured title is a must. Knowing what great words to use gives you an advantage over your competitors.

Brand name - To consistently appear on searches, don't forget to put the brand name of your item because it will be the main keyword in your listing. Many buyers are brand specific, so this is the top 1 thing people will search for and type if they are looking for something. Side note, make sure you spell your brand name correctly. It makes a huge difference in your visibility if you misspell them.

Target market- Whether it is for women, men, kids, and the likes. This way, your listing will appear specifically on a target audience's search. For example, if a buyer search for Nike Running Shoes, the search engine will show them all listings that have those keywords. But if they search for gender-specific Nike shoes like Nike Running Shoes for Women, then the search engine will narrow down the results to the listings indicated for women. Note that if you don't indicate your market in your title, there is a high chance that your listing won't appear in the search results, or worse, it will be buried under all other sellers' listings who indicated their target market using keywords.

Category and Sub-category- The category of your listing would tell if your item is a dress, a jacket, pants, or accessories, etc. And the sub-category will tell its specifics. Categorizing your item properly also helps your listing appear in searches, including those searching for specific kinds of items. For example, a buyer searches for a Free People dress (category). They would, of course, use those keywords to see the available dresses listed. But if they are looking for a mini dress (sub-category), they would want to better narrow down the results. So, if your listing title is Free People Mini Dress in Pink, your listing will come up when a buyer searches for this type of item.

Product style name - If you know this information, include it in your title. This will help your potential buyers find their way to your listing if they are looking for a specific style of an item, especially for popular brands. For example, the buyer wants the Ophidia bag from Gucci. Indicating the style name "Ophidia" narrows the search and may lead the buyer to your item.

Some may only have an idea of what the style looks like, so you must indicate the complete detail of your listing's style. For example, your buyer only remembers that it's a medium tote bag from Gucci, and your listing title is "Gucci Ophidia GG Leather Medium Tote Black."

Your listing will still come up on searches even when the buyer only typed in the word "Ophidia," "medium tote," or "Gucci bag," as you have included these important keywords.

Style or fit of the item - Always remember that the style or fit of an item matters. And in search engines, it does, too! Imagine yourself searching for a pair of denim jeans. Naturally, you would want something of your preference, like boot-cut jeans or slim-fit jeans. It can be frustrating scrolling through many listings and looking for the specific style of jeans you want. So, including these keywords in your title not only makes it easier for your potential buyers to look for them but also makes your visibility higher.

Color and material used - Similar to product style name, including the color and material used in your listing title are important keywords. These are some of the details that buyers might search for if they have a specific preference.

Make a strong description template: Similar to your title, your description should also be well-structured and contain keywords to be more visible when someone searches for an item. You mustn't take out any part of your title in your first ten words in the description, as it is always the first ten and last ten words that matter when search engines are looking for keywords in every section.

When you write down your description, ensure that you have all the important details about your item aside from the information in your title that includes the brand, market, category, sub-category, product style name, color, and material used.

Your description should also include the item's measurements, size if available, and the condition of the item, including its flaws (to set the expectation of your buyer). If you don't have much information about the item you are listing, especially if it is a brand item, going to the brand's website or searching in Google is a big help.

You can also add other descriptors that will set your listing apart. This can depend on the trend, texture, pattern, and many other keywords that you think the specific market it is intended for will like.

Important note, do not include any keywords that are not related to your listing. Not only does it affect your visibility negatively, but it can also be the cause of your listing being taken down. Stay honest and use your keywords appropriately.

Keep in mind that there is a character limit of 500 in your description box. Use it wisely!

More Visibility, More Sales!

The goal of using keywords is to bring your listing on top of the results. The more potential buyers see it, the higher chance you get of making a sale. This is why you must know what words are relevant to people's search and how they can find their way to your listing.

To create a perfect title, do not lose sight of the formula that includes:

Brand name + Market + Category and Sub-category + Product Style Name + Style or FIt + Color and Material

To create a perfect description, don't forget to include:

The details of your title in your first ten words + measurements (and size) + item condition + other descriptors relevant to the trend, texture, pattern

While not all these keywords will apply to all items you are listing, try to put all the relevant keywords as possible. Remember, the more keywords you have, the higher chance you get to appear on searches.

Creating a perfect title and perfect description is your weapon in online selling. Listing on Poshmark may make it complicated to "rank" in Google as it changes every time you share your item, but using the SEO method in creating your title and description can boost your visibility.

How can OneShop help?

Aside from using keywords wisely to make your listings visible, you still need to share the items in your closet for them to appear at the top of searches and help boosts their presence. We know what you're thinking-- sharing a lot of my listings is time-consuming!

Well, while that is correct, there are other tools that you can use, like Poshmark bots, to help you with automation. And one of the best bots there is in the market is OneShop.

OneShop can help you get enough shares using our hands-free automation software. Turn the feature on, and our intelligent system will do the rest on your behalf; self-shares and community shares. Furthermore, it can also share your listings in Posh Parties to increase your likes, followers, and ultimately, your sales! It works in a human-like manner hence making your closet safe while avoiding the Poshmark share jail.

Additional features that OneShop can do are follow, unfollow, relist, delist, and cross-list. These features are made to help you not only to boost your presence but to make your business grow while you tend to other important things like your inventory, packaging and shipping, your buyers' purchases, and your daily life.

If you are ready to experience this amazing service and have more free time on hand, leave it to us! We offer a 7-day free trial that doesn't require a credit card. Sign upherenow!

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