Prohibited Mercari Items - Items that will get you banned from Mercari
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Mercari is a growing marketplace that attracts new shoppers and sellers daily. Having your Mercari account suspended after establishing your seller profile and building your rapport with customers can be stressful. To avoid having your account be at risk for suspension, be sure to learn more about the prohibited Mercari items, which we'll be discussing in this blog.

What can get your Mercari account suspended?

While some activities can seem normal to you, Mercari might have some rules against them. So if you haven't read the Terms of Service, it's not uncommon for a seller to disobey the guidelines.

Mercari will remove users who:

  • List or sell prohibited items
  • Engage in prohibited conduct
  • Violate the Terms of Service multiple times
  • Have questionable activity on their account

Why Mercari has a Prohibited Item list

Almost all online marketplaces like Poshmark, Amazon, and eBay list prohibited items that users can't sell or list. For Mercari, these items include:

  • Illegal items
  • Tobacco product
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • FDA restricted items such as vitamins, diet products, home remedies, and homemade cosmetics (anything ingestible)
  • Counterfeit goods - items in violation of copyright (ex., fake designer clothing and accessories)
  • Weapons or anything that can be a possible safety hazard
  • Items with inflated prices listed to profit from a tragedy (ex. Fire, flood, etc.)
  • Items used for identity theft or scammers
  • Animals
  • Trafficked materials
  • Financial products (ex. bonds, stocks, etc.)
  • Dropshipping items
  • Items that promote racism, hatred, violence, and discrimination
  • Sexually explicit items (ex., Sex toys, and fetish items)
  • Products that contain a virus, malware, or spyware
  • Stolen goods - if the purchased item is reported as stolen, you may receive a demand for the return of the possession from the victim, and the item may also get confiscated according to the regulations of the Code of Criminal Procedure (Act no. 131 of 1948)

Disclaimer: this is not the complete list, so be sure to keep updated with any changes in Mercari's prohibited item policy.

Consequences of selling a prohibited item on Mercari

Selling any product under the prohibited list is forbidden on most e-commerce websites. If you get your account suspended because of any of these products, be sure to revise your listings before you get suspended from other platforms like Etsy, Amazon, or eBay as well.

Removal of the item

If you've received a warning message from Mercari because you've listed a prohibited item or engaged in any prohibited conduct, then be wary because this can lead to temporary suspensions, account restrictions, or termination, depending on the severity of the warning or number of prior warnings received.

You can reach out to the customer support team if you feel that this warning message might be a mistake. It is essential to note the item ID found in the message you received about the removed listing.

Temporarily Suspension of Account

Keeping its buyers safe is a priority for Mercari. This being the case, if the company noticed unusual activity on your account, it would suspend you. The security team will look into what the violation was and lock your account in the meantime.

Another reason why Mercari might suspend or restrict your account is that they protect buyers from suspicious sellers. If you have a high number of cancellations or return transactions on the platform, Mercari can restrict your account until it investigates the problem.

You can check the Mercari return policy guide if you have any questions regarding that.

Permanent Ban of the Account

If you receive a notice about an indefinite suspension, Mercari has banned your account. You can be permanently suspended from the platform if you commit serious violations such as selling illegal items, committing fraud, and repeating a violation of the Terms of Service.

When you are suspended indefinitely, you will still be able to complete your transaction and request your remaining balance. To get unbanned, file an appeal by reaching out to customer service to get your account back if you think Mercari made a mistake. However, if you are found guilty, then you will need to say goodbye to the marketplace.

How To Free Your Mercari Account

To resolve the account suspension issue, you must contact Mercari customer service. If you need help, follow these steps to get in touch with them:

  1. Go to the Contact Us page
  2. Select the Account option
  3. Select My account was limited
  4. Pick one of the provided reasons why your account was limited:
    • My account was limited for identity verification
    • My account was limited for unusual activity
    • My funds are on hold
    • My account was limited for the prohibited item(s) or conduct
    • Fill in the form under the Still need help option
    • Be sure to explain in detail what the issue is and provide images and if applicable. Now we understand how frustrating it can be. It is important to keep in mind that Mercari has a high volume of inquiries, and it can take the reps a while to respond.

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