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Mercari is a selling platform for almost everything under the sun. It is ideal for sellers who have a myriad of different items to offer and wish to house them in one site or those looking for another outlet to sell items under categories that are not hosted by other online marketplaces like Poshmark.

In this article, we are focusing on one of the essential considerations in choosing a platform: seller protection. Find out how Mercari protects its sellers and the best practices to observe to avert scammers and ensure you’re covered in case of a dispute or when a damaged or lost item arises.

Be a compliant seller

Mercari is home to a wide selection of items except illegal, dangerous, or stolen goods. The seller’s responsibility is to make sure the item listed doesn’t fall into Mercari’s list of prohibited items. If uncertain about an item, it wouldn’t hurt to inquire with customer service before listing and shipping it. Items classified as hazardous are not eligible for Shipping Protection, which guarantee as much as $200 for verified lost or damaged item shipped using a Mercari prepaid label.

List items truthfully

Prevent any possible miscommunication and return requests by including everything a buyer would want to know before purchasing an item. State the brand, size or measurements, color, condition, and other applicable information. For designer items, attach proof of authenticity. It’s crucial to also disclose any flaws – even minimal ones— with photos for reference. When it comes to photos, Mercari encourages the use of clear ones taken by the sellers themselves instead of using lifted photos from the internet.

Exercise online safety

Never entertain potential buyers requesting to conduct the transaction somewhere else, as Mercari won’t be able to help you with anything that transpired outside of their App or website. Limit engagement only with users whose profile looks and feels legit and run by real people. Scams abound, so keep in mind to never share any personal contact information or other sensitive data like a bank account, credit card, or debit card details.

Ship items well and on time

A seller must send the item out within three days of purchase, regardless of the chosen carrier. Only shipments sent out with Mercari shipping label (USPS or FedEx), as well as those picked up and delivered by Mercari Now, are eligible for Shipping Protection which is at $200 max (the item’s price excluding selling and processing fees) in case an item gets lost or damaged during transit.

Sellers who prefer to ship using their own label must provide Mercari with a valid tracking number for proper shipment visibility and receipt confirmation. Otherwise, there won’t be any kind of protection extended to the seller.

It is always advisable to pack the item according to the carrier’s packaging guidelines to avoid in-transit damages.

Be responsive and cooperative

When the item is delivered, the buyer receives a notification to confirm the delivery and rate the seller within three days. Suppose there is any problem with the item. In that case, the buyer must report any complaint or technical issue to Mercari customer support during this period, or else the sale will already be considered final (Mercari will leave a rating for the seller if the buyer doesn’t leave any.) Payment is then released to the seller’s account with an option to make ACH Direct Deposit or use Instant Pay.

Sellers must promptly respond when notified of any complaint or feedback and provide photographic evidence, receipts, and other necessary documents to help clarify and resolve the issue. Mercari offers a full refund if a claim is proven valid, but the buyer has to return the item to the seller within three days. If the seller receives a different item or an altered item – a typical modus operandi among online marketplace scammers – it should be promptly reported to Mercari as well.

The customer service team handling such cases would most likely consider the users’ transaction history and manner of communication. Hence, having an excellent seller reputation and maintaining professional behavior could make a difference.

With these pointers, selling on Mercari should be a fun and fulfilling experience!

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