Top Tips for Mercari Sellers
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If you're selling items on Mercari, it's without a doubt that you're looking to make as much money as possible. However, as with any selling platform like eBay and Poshmark, competition is tough, especially with Mercari being a growing marketplace that attracts new shoppers and sellers daily.

This blog will discuss the best selling tips you can apply when using the Mercari app to get your profile noticed by potential buyers and ultimately improve your sales.

Sell quality products

Mercari buyers are just as quality-obsessed as any sane buyer. And one of the best and basic ways to get more purchases is to avoid selling super cheap stuff that isn't profitable as it could give you more problems than profit. Resellers on Mercari should always inspect their inventory thoroughly for any flaws and disclose any of it on the description so you can offer a proper listing price.

Take quality photos and detailed descriptions.

Potential buyers are always appreciative of good photos that are taken using good lighting. Even if photography is not your forte as a seller, buyers expect clear photos from you, which should entirely focus on the product. Along with these are detailed product descriptions for your listing. This is where you should put yourself in the buyer's shoes and note down everything they should know to be aware of the product's condition (such as fabric, is it a thrift from garage sales, etc.) before adding it to their cart.

This is also good for you in the case that the buyer has a problem with the product. Then, you can easily refer back to your honestly written listings with clear-cut photos for Mercari's reference.

Relist non-selling items

This is no doubt one of the biggest selling tips that we need to discuss. Most items sell on Mercari within a couple of days of listing (especially for in-demand products like electronics, toys, and branded items). However, it's, of course, common that some items don't sell as well. When this happens, you should consider relisting your items so you can make them appear on top of the search results.

Relisting is like promoting old products and giving them a fresh start to get noticed by potential buyers using high-ranking keywords and a new category.

Accept reasonable offers or learn to counter offer.

Buyers move fast, and with this being the case, so should you. If you take half a day to respond to someone's offer or take no notice of your likers, then you'll run the risk of losing a potential sale. Buyers are inherently impatient, so don't be surprised when some rescind their offer because they already bought from someone else.

However, this doesn't mean that you should just sell your items at any discount or low ball price your potential buyer desires. Keep your negotiations within reasonable offers and learn to counter each lowball offer.

Aim for 5-star ratings & Mercari badges

As a buyer, having positive feedback and verified badges on your profile will instantly make you more credible for them to purchase from your shop. Mercari gives a warning to buyers before they purchase from sellers who have a significant number of cancellations.

Since you'll automatically have people reading the feedback on your service, you should always practice proper seller etiquette and communicate with your buyers well. This way, you will set their expectations right from the start, and there won't be any confusion regarding packing or shipping options.

Develop a following

Mercari is considered a hybrid platform as it is not as follower-driven as Poshmark. But it still offers an option for people who like your style and items to do so so they can see your items on their home feed. Like having good reviews, having followers is also important if you sell niche-type items or want to unload some items from your closet.

Another way or tool that can help you boost your sales is using automation software like OneShop. It is an innovative and customizable tool designed to act as your virtual assistant to gain an advantage over your competitors and boost your sales. It can also effectively improve your earnings by cross-listing to multiple marketplaces like Poshmark. Furthermore, OneShop serves as your own sales expert by listing and relisting across multiple online marketplaces, leaving you more time to work on more important things for your business than spend hours doing tasks across platforms manually.

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