The Poshmark Algorithm of 2021 - A Breakdown and Tips to Boost Sales
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Online selling is a laborious and time-consuming process. It is not a secret that making money by selling goods on the internet is not an overnight success. Whether people do it as their side hustle or a full-time job, it takes great effort to grow your business. Hence, understanding how things work in a specific platform is crucial.

Different online platforms such as Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, Amazon, Etsy, Tradesy, and many other marketplaces provide features to their sellers to help them increase sales. Even social media apps like Instagram and Facebook, where people can also sell their own items, have how online sellers can reach their target market. The secret in online selling is putting your listings on top. But why, you ask? This is because potential buyers are always on the lookout for what is new, and putting your listings on top of searches and feeds makes it possible for you to come across the right buyer for your items.

It is essential to know that all platforms have their algorithms. This will help you figure out how you can help your Poshmark business take off and start becoming visible to your prospective buyers. This process or set of rules is a problem-solving operation or calculations performed by computers based on a sequence of specified tasks. An example of an algorithm is if you are an avid user of social media platforms like Instagram, you will notice that the posts that appear in your feed are the ones that are newly uploaded. The system shows you what the newest posts are, which then gives them more exposure. But algorithms are not only limited to news feeds. They can also be related to keywords, user activities, and many others.

The algorithm can mean how the platform's system decides the order of exposure of listings in online selling. This is an essential aspect of selling as it dictates how much people will see your items which can then influence your sales. While no one exactly knows how the Poshmark algorithm work, it is clear that it uses sophisticated programs to sort and display items that maximize the listings discovery, which is greatly affected by your activities in the platform. The algorithm dictates how the items in your closet perform and reach their audience not only through your feed but through sharing, following, relisting, and many more.

As a Poshmark reseller, there are plenty of features that you can utilize to achieve your goals. May it be growing your likers, followers, or sales, the key to success is in your hands. Let's dive right in and learn how you can take advantage and get on the good side of Poshmark algorithms by utilizing its seller's features. We have listed the best Poshmark tips that you can do to grow your sales and your business on this blog. Let us go over how Poshmark's feed and sharing works and how to appear more often in Poshmark through shares, follows, relisting, and offers.


The Poshmark Feed

Seasoned Poshmark sellers know that the best way to increase sales is to appear in the feed of your followers as much as you can. This will mean sharing every single item in your closet and ensuring that you have plenty of followers to see them. The rule is, the more eyeballs in your items, the more chances of making a sale.

The Poshmark feed is not that complicated. In there, you can see what the closets that you follow share, what you share from your closet, and from other's closets. While sales can happen through specific buyer searches, every seller's target should be to make their listings visible to as many potential buyers as they can, which can be possible via the Poshmark feed. By doing this, you can expose your listings to many posters, and appearing on their feeds can be your key to urging them to make their purchase.

Here are some actions that you can take to appear in your potential buyers' feeds and make the Poshmark algorithm work in your favor.


Poshmark sharing feature is one of the keys to success when selling on this platform. While it can come as a simple task that can give a simple outcome, sharing can do so much to your sales and the growth of your business and the whole Poshmark community.

There are different types of how you can share items. The first is self-share. This way of sharing allows you to share listings from your own closet to your followers or to a posh party. The second one is by doing community shares which means sharing other people's listings with your followers.

Doing the self-shares shows your items in your followers' feed. Not only does it make your presence known, but it also lets your followers know that you are an active seller with an active closet. Another self-share activity is sharing with Posh Parties. This feature is also one great way to reach a new set of followers and likers that are present in a particular party that you join in.

Sharing also helps you work towards you can also earn the status of being a Poshmark ambassador. You can achieve this by accomplishing specific criteria with activities such as engagement, listing, sales, and spreading Posh Love. Posh Ambassadors gain opportunities and perks, including co-hosting Posh Parties and giving host picks. Posh Ambassadors also appear on the Find People page, and getting access to programs such as The Posh Insider, Posh Affiliate, and more.

For the community shares, it is essential to remember that Poshmark is a social platform. So, when you share another user's items, there is a high chance that you will get a favor back. This way, your listings will get shared on other posher's walls, making them visible to a bigger audience. Aside from building connections, this can also mean gaining new followers, likers, and ultimately, buyers!


If you want to grow your account and earn many followers, you will have to learn how to give and not just take. Following other Poshmark users creates a ripple effect that can eventually help you increases your listings' exposure. While sharing gets the items to appear on top of your followers' feeds, doing follows does its magic in a different sense.

Most sellers and buyers on Poshmark builds connections by sharing and liking other people's listings and following closets. And for you to have a massive number of followers, you will have to work with other posters as well. Aside from doing community shares, you can also initiate a follow on other posters. Most of the time, when you follow someone, they will follow you back.

Another way of gaining followers is by joining a Posh Party. Posh Party is where you can find sellers and potential buyers that gather to see many listings and participate in real-time virtual shopping. Posh Party is a great place to show off your listings if they are qualified for the party's theme. This gives you the chance to share your item, increase its visibility, and get the attention of many posters who will like what you are selling. This can, in turn, gives you a higher chance of being followed by other users.


Another way of becoming visible on the platform is by relisting or posting your old items again. This feature will boost your Poshmark account and will give your closet a makeover. This way, your old listings get a new chance to be seen by potential buyers and, ultimately, get sold. When you relist your old items, it brings them on top of your closet again, which means you can gain new likes.

In addition to this, relisting gives you the chance to revamp a few details in your listing. You can change its title, give it a better price, edit the description, and you get to decide what to relist based on what is appropriate for the season.

To do this, you can use the Copy Listing tool on Poshmark.

    If you're using the app:

    1. Choose the listing that you want to be duplicated
    2. Then click Edit
    3. At the bottom of the page, select Copy Listing
    4. Click Yes

    On the web:

    1. Choose the listing that you want to duplicate
    2. Click on the Edit Listing button
    3. At the bottom of the page, click Copy Listing
    4. Click Yes

You can also relist your items by manually taking them down and posting them again. Relisting your items without the Copy Listing tool in Poshmark also makes them appear on top of the "Just In" section. This means you are not only making it visible to your followers but also to a bigger audience, which can be composed of new or old users searching for specific brands or categories to where your listing belongs. Furthermore, the Poshmark algorithm will favor your item because it is now considered a part of your new inventory.

Just like the other features mentioned, relisting can be time-consuming, especially if you own a large closet with many stale items in the bottom. But worry not, as OneShop can do this for you even while you're busy with other important things for your business. At OneShop, we can relist any items in your closet that are older than 30 days. But Poshmark imposed a 60-day minimum before you can use its Copy Listing feature! We hear you, and we got you! This is why we havefound a solution for it by manually creating a new listing and deleting the old one. With this, not only are you able to get around the platform's rule, but you also saved tons of time going over your old listings. Now, you get your listing on top of your closet and make them visible again to many Poshmark users.


One of the most efficient features in Poshmark that attracts buyers are the different discounts sellers can offer. These features offer an advantage to sellers, which can push their sales to increase incredibly. Offering bundles, sending offers to likers, Closet Clear Out, and free shipping or shipping discounts are helpful strategies that can help your buyers finalize their purchase decision.

  • Poshmark Bundles - This offer allows you to send a discount for multiple listings in your closet and ship them together at a discounted price. Here, you can utilize the chat option to interact with your potential buyers and discuss the items they would like to include in the Bundles. This offer can also include a shipping discount exclusive for your potential buyer.
  • Offers to Likers - This allows you to send private offers to any posher who has liked your listing. Your potential buyers would receive notifications once you have sent the offer. This always includes a shipping discount that will be deducted from your earnings.
  • Closet Clear Out - This promotion lets you reduce the listing prices of your items by at least 10%. Once the listing price is reduced by 10% and above, all users who have liked your listings will receive a notification about your offer. Poshmark will also cover the cost of shipping for the discounted items!

How OneShop can OneShop

All these Poshmark features require sellers to spend tons of time in front of their devices to manage their Poshmark business. Achieving your goals can be time-consuming and laborious; hence some people struggle to achieve their success. But with OneShop, we say otherwise! Our software is intelligently built to save you lots of time and still help you attract potential buyers with the tricks that we know.

Aside from following hundreds of users, returning shares & follows, relisting old items, and sending offers to likers, OneShop has an intelligent system that can share listings without getting you in the share jail. This can stop you from doing activities in your closet like sharing, liking, and commenting. With OneShop, you no longer need to spend long periods in front of your device to manage your closet and do these Poshmark activities manually. Our service works 24/7, even when you are not there to guard it.

Crosslisting to other platforms, too? We got you covered! We started as a Poshmark bot; hence we know the workarounds on the platform making us your unfair advantage. But now, aside from the key features that we can do for you on Poshmark, we can manage your other listing on another marketplace. We can make it easy for you to create drafts, list items, and cross-list in marketplaces that our team has integrated. Not only that, but we also help you avoid double selling as we have an automatic feature of delisting an item in other platforms once they are sold in another. This way, you won't have to worry about getting your account flagged due to two or more buyers purchasing a single available item.

If you are ready to experience the best software in the market to grow your Poshmark business, OneShop offers a 7-day free trial with no credit card or commitment required.

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