What are Boutique Listings on Poshmark?
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Poshmark provides an opportunity for active sellers to conduct business by providing a platform to set up, list things, and become founders of their own boutiques to make extra money. Sellers can provide high-quality items that attract potential buyers to purchase items or package their own deals, leading to successful sales! Let’s go over some quick how-to and pointers on what you need to know about Boutique listings in Poshmark.

What is a Poshmark Boutique Listing?

A Boutique listing means that an item was purchased from a wholesale market or a distributor as new inventory. This Boutique status can be applied when a listing is created or edited. Sellers must first complete Poshmark's Boutique Certification to use the Boutique tag. There are no additional fees to complete certification. Poshmark has a set of policies that reserves the right to remove certification if the Boutique condition is misused.

How to get Poshmark's Boutique Certification

In the Poshmark Mobile App:

  1. From the homepage, your profile image at the bottom
  2. Tap on "My Seller Tools"
  3. Tap on "Complete Boutique Started"
  4. Click on "Get started"

On Desktop

  1. Go to your Account Settings from your Account Tab at the top-right of a page
  2. Click on "Boutique Certification"
  3. Click on "Get started"

Listing Boutique items are a cost-effective way to start selling a smaller quantity of items! Obtaining the first batch of inventory on the platform may be cheaper if you’re starting out with three to ten items. You don’t have to pay overseas shipping or worry about minimum order quantities. Poshmark can also support Poshers selling higher-priced listings with Posh Authenticate, a free authentication of luxury items sold at $500 or higher.

What qualifies as a Boutique?

After completing the Poshmark Boutique certification, a seller can mark an item as Boutique if it was purchased from the wholesale market or directly from a distributor, and it is being sold to the public for the first time. Items that are NWT (new with tags), purchased from a retail store for resale, or items from your own personal closet cannot be marked as Boutique.

Poshmark has criteria for listing Boutique items and it is as follows:

  • Listings must be purchased wholesale or directly from a distributor
  • Listings must be new and are being sold to the public for the first time
  • Provide excellent customer service (Keep an eye out for your Average Rating!)
  • You must use original photography (Have a stellar cover photo!)

To make great first impressions and make headlines you need to take aesthetically pleasing first pictures for Poshers to take notice of your listing, become favorite customers, and have your brand spotlight. New users typically have trouble taking quality photos so here are the best tips to follow to take your photos to the next level according to top sellers with featured Boutiques:

  • Shoot with a ton of natural light. Good lighting is key to taking a good photo that stands out.
  • Use tons of positive space to make sure your item stands out from the rest of the photo if you have other elements to show.
  • Experiment with creative angles and alternative points of view. Professional photography often plays around with angles that work best to show and complement the subject.

How do you mark a listing as Boutique?

Boutique items are listed the same way as non-Boutique items. The Boutique tag can be added before listing the item or after the item has been listed. Here’s a quick guide on tagging a listing as Boutique:

In the Poshmark Mobile App

  1. From the homepage, select Sell on the bottom of the left-hand menu
  2. Find and select New With Tags
  3. Select Yes to view Boutique options
  4. Beside Boutique, tap the toggle to ON
  5. Select Done

On Desktop

  1. Select Sell on Poshmark
  2. Find New With Tags
  3. Select Yes to view Boutique options
  4. Under "Add this item to your Boutique?", select Yes

Pro tip: Familiarize yourself with the seller tools and to appeal to potential buyers and rank higher on the site’s algorithm use Poshmark’s lexicon or better known as the SEO method to use high-ranking terms in your captions and descriptions. This is also a good posting strategy that is often used for site highlights and people’s posts.

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Do Boutique listings help you make sales?

It depends. Boutique listings aren’t guaranteed to make sales any more than closet sales do. Boutique sellers are focused on stocking beautiful inventory and creating an elevated customer shopping experience that guarantees good service and follows through with the site’s refund policy (Poshmark protect) similar to how you would operate a brick and mortar store. Advertising your online boutique through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help boost visibility as well.

So expect to familiarize yourself with the Poshmark page, being able to identify a fair listing price, how to prepare a shipping label, making frequent trips to the post office, and postal service mailboxes. Know your way around the mail carrier pick up and be mail-ready at any given time as every day is a potential big sale day.

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