Poshmark`s Overweight Shipping - Seller`s Guide to Poshmark Shipping
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Poshmark is a popular clothing and accessories marketplace with users all over the world. The platform allows you to buy and sell items in your closet or purchase new ones from other people's closets. Shipping cost can be daunting for an item that weighs more than 5 pounds, but it doesn't have to be! This blog post will cover the basics of shipping an item over 5 pounds on Poshmark and tools you can use to boost your sales while you're busy shipping items!

How Poshmark Shipping Works

Poshmark has many restrictions on what can be sold, including the size and weight of an item. However, if you are shipping a package that is over 5 pounds in weight, then there are some specific rules to follow before it will ship.

First off, make sure your product meets all of Poshmark's other requirements. This includes ensuring that it is not prohibited by any law or regulation in the destination country and is made from safe materials such as food-grade silicone. Also, consider the total shipping weight by checking the size of your package or by weighing it on a scale.

You may also check your package measurement using the ground package weight formula: Length + Girth (Width + 2x Height)

How to Measure Your Package

  • Step 1: To get the length, measure the longest side of the package.
  • Step 2: To get the girth, measure the width of the package and multiply it by 2. Then measure the height of the package and multiply it by 2. Add these two numbers together
  • Step 3: Add the length and girth together to get your package measurement.

For example, package height is 24; width is 12 multiplied by 2 equals 24 + height of 24 multiplied by 2 equals 48. Add these two numbers together, and you'll come up with 72. Then add the package height of 24 with a girth measurement of 72. The total package measurement is 96".

USPS does not have size restrictions on their packages. However, the maximum combines length and girth of the box allowed is no greater than 108". Meaning, USPS does not support packages that exceed total package measurement of more than 108."

After you made a sale, Poshmark will email you with a prepaid, pre-addressed shipping label paid by the buyer. The label is a USPS Priority mail shipping label that covers items of any size up to 5lbs. You can use this shipping label on boxes with labels of "Priority Mail," "Priority Mail Flat Rate," or "Regional Rate" only. USPS boxes that are labeled with "Express Mail" are not allowed and can cause delays in shipping your items.

You may also re-use standard brown boxes and padded envelopes that can be found on your home- just remember to remove or cover the previous shipping labels before re-using them. For Canada Post, you can purchase any priority envelopes or boxes except Xpresspost boxes. Poshmark shipping label does not support Expresspost boxes.

Poshmark Shipping Cost for Items Over 5lbs

In case you make a sale and your item weighs over 5 lbs, worry not! Poshmark will still be able to process the shipment of your items; however, it will cost you more than the standard shipping fee paid by your buyer.

A buyer pays $7.11, which is Poshmark's flat-rate fee for expedited shipping of all the orders. The shipping fee covers the total weight of 5lbs or less along with your customer's prepaid shipping label. Each order is shipped using USPS Priority mail within 1-3 days. But what happens for items that weigh over 5 lbs? Well, if your sold item weighs over 5lbs, you will need to pay for a label upgrade. You may check the table below for the Poshmark label upgrade fee for Poshmark sellers.

Keep in mind that Poshmark limits parcel weight to 10lbs only. Poshmark no longer supports any parcel that weighs beyond the parcel weight limit. However, the Poshmark seller still has the option of whether to cancel the order or not. Package weight over 5 pounds has an additional $4-4.50 per lbs upgrade, while items weighing over 10lbs may incur an extra shipping fee for the buyer to pick up the overweight item.

Shipping of Fragile Items

Ensure that your buyer will get the items they paid for in one piece. If you are going to ship fragile items such as makeup, vintage, or fragile home item, make sure to package them properly and securely. You may use extra bubble wrap, newspaper, or tissue paper before putting it inside the box to keep your items securely safe while in transit.

How to Generate and Upgrade Shipping Label

As Poshmark sellers, we all know that some items are too heavy to ship for free. The cost of shipping an item over 5 pounds on Poshmark varies depending on the carrier, the size of the package, and how quickly it needs to be delivered. If your sold item weighs over 5lbs and you need to generate an upgraded shipping label, here's a step-by-step guide on how to create a new upgraded label for overweight items:

In the Poshmark App

  1. Go to your Poshmark "Account tab"
  2. Click "My Sales" and select the order that needs to upgrade shipping label.
  3. Click "Need New Shipping Label"
  4. From the drop-down menu, select "Need Heavier Weight Label"
  5. Select "Weight" and type your parcel's total weight, then click "Next"
  6. Select "Send New Label"
  7. Wait for the new printable shipping label in your email.

On the Web Browser

  1. Go to the Poshmark website and log in to your account.
  2. Go to your Poshmark "Account Tab"
  3. Click "My Sales" and select the order that needs to upgrade shipping label.
  4. Click "Need New Shipping Label"
  5. From the drop-down menu, select "Need Heavier Weight Label"
  6. Click "Weight" and type the total weight of the parcel.
  7. Click "Next"
  8. Select "Send New Label" and wait for the new shipping label to be sent to your email.

Be mindful of the actual shipping weight of the item that you are selling. Your customer will end up paying for any excess on the shipping fee. This can harm your shop's reputation and credibility and may also lose your customer's trust. If you have plenty of items in your closet and are unsure whether some of the items weigh over 5 pounds, we suggest buying a postal weighing scale. This way, you can be more accurate in typing the correct weight on all your items in your closet.

How to Print Upgraded Shipping Label

You can conveniently print the upgraded shipping label on your home using adhesive labels. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to print an upgraded shipping label on the app:

On Poshmark App

  1. Go to your "Account Tab"
  2. Click "My Seller Tools"
  3. Go to "Shipping Label Settings"
  4. Select "Page Dimension" You may choose between 4" x 6" for adhesive labels and 8.5 "x11" for Standard Printer Paper.
    • 4" x 6" Adhesive Labels - This paper size works in printing on self-adhesive paper for specific printers. You may check your printer settings for compatibility before printing your shipping label.
    • 8.5" x 11" Standard Printer Label - This paper size works for all standard printers. If you are unsure if your printer is compatible with the self-adhesive labels, you may use this instead.

Missing Shipping Label

In case you cannot find the new shipping label on your email, worry not! Check if you have provided the correct email address by going to your Account Tab, then Edit Profile. If the correct email address was given, check your email's spam first before requesting a new shipping label.

In case you want to re-send the label to a different email address, simply follow these steps:

  1. On your Poshmark app, go to your "Account Tab"
  2. Click on "My Sales"
  3. Select the relevant order.
  4. Click on "Need New Shipping Label."

An updated shipping label with the current date will then be sent to the email address linked with your Poshmark account.

Things to Remember:

  • Seller pays for shipping label upgrade. It will automatically be deducted from your earnings or Poshmark credits.
  • Ensure that you select the total weight of your package to receive a shipping label with accurate weight.
  • Poshmark sends all items via USPS priority mail. You can pick up free boxes at your local post office or have them delivered to your home by ordering them online at www.usps.com.

How to Ship Your Package

Poshmark has three easy ways to ship items that are 5lbs or less.

  1. If you are shipping small (non-fragile) items, you can drop them off in a USPS or Canada Post Mailbox. (As long as the package fits)
  2. For larger items, you may drop them off at your local post office.
  3. For larger and heavier packages, you may schedule an online pickup via USPS. If you are situated in Canada, you can register as a small business and schedule a pickup (with a small fee) on the Canada Post site.

Poshmark support shipping to PO Boxes

Please be reminded that Poshmark does not accept USPS Express Mail Boxes neither support other US Courier services. If your items are beyond the Poshmark weight limit of 10lbs, you can opt for other delivery methods by checking from the other online postage providers. Additionally, Poshmark does not support international shipping at the time being. US Sellers can only ship to US addresses, and Canada Sellers can only ship to Canada Addresses.

Tips on How to Lower Shipping Cost and Boost Your Sales

  • Offer Free Shipping
  • You might be asking; shipping items over 5 pounds will cost me more. Why would I offer free shipping? The trick here is to add the total shipping cost to your final price then offer free shipping to attract more customers to buy from your shop. This is a proven trick professional marketplace sellers are using to boost their sales. Remember that consumers are looking for great deals to justify their spending, and by offering free shipping, it will seem like they made a great deal from their money.

  • Sell your Items in Bundle
  • Poshmark applies the 5 lbs standard shipping limit to each transaction regardless of its actual weight. So if you sell your items in a bundle, the same rate of $7.11 applies to your customer. The trick here is to apply the shipping cost to the final price for your bundle. Multiple items from one seller can be added to the order at the same rate as long as it does not exceed 5lbs. You may offer this as a free shipping or discounted shipping rate to your customer that expresses interest in your items.

    How to Offer Bundles:

    1. Go to your "Account tab."
    2. Select "My Bundles"
    3. Click the "Sell" button.
    4. Follow the prompts and create the items you want to sell in a bundle.
    5. On the "Bundle" page, click "Offer." Type your price for the bundle, including the total fees and shipping discounts (You can also include the full shipping cost to the final price then offer free shipping to your customer)
    6. Select “Submit.”
    7. Send the bundled offer link to your potential buyer via messages.

    If the buyer agrees with your offer, Poshmark will notify you of the sale. You will receive the prepaid shipping label so you can prepare the item for shipping. Suppose the bundled item is over 10 pounds. In that case, you can use other online postage services and pay extra fees instead of an upgraded Poshmark shipping label which is much cheaper compared to an additional upgraded cost from Poshmark. By doing this strategy, you will generate two shipping labels for items of different weights. Make sure to choose the appropriate USPS containers or standard brown boxes sizes.

  • Packaging and Branding
  • Everyone likes receiving items in good packaging- it simply makes everything fall into place. Fast shipment, good packaging, and good condition products result in positive feedback from your customer. Plus, you will get to earn their trust, and they will definitely buy from you again.

    Adding a few extra and personalized touches to the packaging creates delightful surprises for your customers. You can spice up your packaging by adding tissue paper, ribbons, thank you cards, your brand's stickers, or stamps.

  • Ask for Feedback
  • The best way to generate more positive feedback is by asking your customers. You may put on your thank you card that they can tag you once they receive the item and leave feedback—buyers who receive packages with good packaging like to show it off on their social media. You can take it as a good advantage to further boost your brand awareness!

    On the other hand, items receive in bad packaging and condition can also hurt your brand's reputation. Always ensure to pack all your items securely to avoid things like this from happening. Don't forget to thank your customer for leaving reviews on your shop.

  • Use of Automation Tools
  • Not everyone has plenty of time to do things all at once. As a marketplace seller, we know the struggle of boosting, sharing, packing, shipping, and answering customer's inquiries simultaneously. Now, you don't have to struggle which to prioritize first to improve and boost your sales. OneShop offers every marketplace seller's dream to do things all at once that saves you plenty of time while boosting your sales. Never worry about forgetting to share your listing on time, cross-listing, or schedule new listings. OneShop lets you conveniently do all these things and more in just one sitting! Now you can arrange and pack your shipment while continuously making sales on different marketplaces.

And the good news is, you can try all our features on our 7-days free trial with no commitment and credit card required!

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