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Selling online is a challenge, especially if you are starting your venture. Having new and repeat customers on a selling platform is always a dilemma, as earning your potential buyer's trust is not that easy. It is understandable for everyone not to trust easily, especially since buyers don't see the seller and only transact virtually. But there are some pointers that you can do to establish trust between you and your potential buyer. Read on and learn how to boost your sales by providing excellent customer service and gaining excellent buyer ratings.

The success of online marketplaces has been booming lately because of the pandemic which restricted most of us at home and because online shopping truly offers convenience to everyone. Anyone who has something to sell online can do so and venture into a business without requiring them to have a bachelor's degree or senior management experience with strong organizational skills. All it takes is consistency, determination, a little knowledge on making business decisions, and computer proficiency, and you're off to achieve the income stability you are aiming for.

While selling online is a side hustle for many, some sellers have ventured full-time in their online selling business as it can generate enough, maybe more, income than a regular day job. Online selling can also give you an equivalent experience of having a physical store. This is easier to manage because you don't have to maintain a constant shift or hour schedule like opening your store early morning or working late night shifts. You also don't have to think about adhering to strict break or lunch schedules. Furthermore, you are your boss when you have an online store, and hiring a supervisor or additional support such as salespeople is not necessary anymore.

That is why online marketplaces like Mercari have become a successful platforms, and downloads for these kinds of online marketplace apps have also been in demand, much like other social platforms. Here, sellers can list almost anything like fashion pieces, sporting goods, toys, electronics, home goods, and more except those included in their prohibited item policy. But it is important to keep in mind that success doesn't end in just listing your item. To be successful in this kind of venture, you must know the key areas you should pay attention to when listing a product. Aside from that, as a seller, providing exceptional service is an important aspect that you should not forget to ensure that you establish a good seller impression on your US buyers.

Rating on Mercari

On the Mercari platform, seeing a good seller rating and a good buyer rating helps all users spark trust amongst the Mercari community members. Aside from signifying a completed transaction, it also helps other platform users purchase decisions. These are the three components of your rating section:

Star rating: This symbol reflects how satisfied your buyers are in your deliverance as a seller. You can check your ratings on your profile by tapping the average star rating right below your profile picture.

Known for rating: The compliments that other buyers and sellers give you are shown here. It tells the qualities you're known for as a buyer or seller. These compliments will be visible to your future buyers and sellers.

Things to Improve: This is section is where you can see the feedback from other buyers and sellers to help make your next experience better. This feedback is only visible to you.

Rating in Mercari works both ways. Buyers are asked to give ratings to sellers within three days after the delivery has been confirmed, and after that, sellers can also rate the buyers back. When both parties have submitted their ratings, the transaction is completed, and the payment will be credited to you. Take note that the amount, of course, is after the processing fees are taken out of your sale, including direct deposit or instant pay transfer fees, should you opt for your earnings to be deposited to your bank account.

Note that if the buyer doesn't rate the product after three days, Mercari automatically rates the transaction with five stars.

An important thing to keep in mind is that ratings are based on a user's experience, which means that the platform can't change the ratings without directly receiving a request from the user who left them. If, by chance, you received a negative rating, you may reach out to the user to see if they would be willing to request an update. Here's how you can deal with them:

Ask politely. Always practice politeness when speaking with your buyers. Not only does this make you look professional, but it also shows them that you have empathy towards them. You may start by asking what the root cause of their low star rating is. From there, you have to ensure that you address all your buyer's concerns or safety issues related to their purchase.

Handle it in a professional manner. As much as you would like to tell your buyers how you feel if they are being unreasonable with their claims, always aim to give excellent customer service skills to your buyers. Having experience buying and selling on the platform will better help you deal with other users. You have to outwardly show a visible desire to make it up to them and work things out until the issue is resolved.

Contact Mercari customer support. Mercari gives a fair chance to all its users. So, if you feel like the rating given to you is unfair, or you suspect the user is trying to execute a scam, Mercari can evaluate a rating If you have received feedback that violates any of their Marketplace Guidelines. While changing the star rating given by another user is not possible, any inappropriate comments will be removed.

Unfortunately, the platform has no live chat or live calls support at this time, but you can reach them through their help center page by filling out a contact form where you can leave your details, including the issue description. This is also where you can ask for a follow-up. Mercari responds to tickets like this promptly, so you won't have to worry about hearing from them after a few business days. Their average response time os Mercari customer service as of writing is 10 hours.

Note: Users cannot submit a rating for that transaction if the purchase is canceled or returned.

Primary Touch Points

Ensuring that your buyers have a great experience shopping in your closet is a top priority. Here are what you should keep in mind to guarantee that your buyers are getting a superior customer experience:

Know what you're selling. When listing your item, don't forget to include all the important details that set your buyer's expectations. Disclose any information, including flaws, to avoid future issues filed against you. Make sure to provide complete information about the item if available so you would appear as someone who gives excellent attention to detail. Also, price your item appropriately. Be honest and fair when it comes to the sale price of the merchandise you are selling. But of course, don't forget to factor the selling fee into your sale price so you won't have to compromise your earnings.

Be responsive. When a buyer reaches out, be as quick as you can when responding to them. Be a champion seller by making sure you are providing ample coverage when answering the concern that they have about your item.

Don't promise anything you can't keep. One of the most important rules in online selling is that you should never make false claims. Remember, you are setting your buyer's expectations, so it is your duty as the seller to be trustworthy and truthful about your listings. This also includes shipping labels. It is also important to disclose any shipping information, whether they have to pay the shipping or the item comes with a discounted shipping label. Always keep in mind that all buyers would appreciate honesty. Also, to make your buyers feel safe, you may mention that they can return an item under Mercari's Buyer Protection Guarantee, which shows that you are confident with what you are selling.

Listen attentively. Part of providing an amazing user experience is listening to your buyers. Not only that it makes you appear to have an overwhelming passion for selling, but it's also a part of establishing trust with them. If they are looking for a specific item or would like to haggle the price, it is always good to listen first before sharing your thoughts.

Concentrate support on your customer. Make a nice impression on your buyers. When they offer your item, respond with utmost professionalism if you are making a counteroffer. Make them feel that they can easily reach out to you and that you offer high quality standards of support if they need help with an item. As the business owner/seller, you are your front line assistance.

Go the extra mile. Being extra is a good practice when you are in the retail business. A little something for the buyer makes a huge impact on the buyer. You can do many things for them to show that you are willing to go the extra mile. You may include a thank you card in their order, or if your budget permits, add a small gift in their package. This will also help you get a 5-star rating.

How can automation help you?

Automation is one of the most useful tools that you can use to grow your business. Using this kind of service allows your closet to be consistently active while ensuring that you do more without rendering long hours in front of your device. The more you make your presence known, the more conversions you can get, which would mean gaining more ratings.

Do it with OneShop

OneShop is the all-in-one service that can help you automate tasks in Mercari. You won't have to worry about boosting your old and new listings as our reliable bot can do them for you without you babysitting your closet. This intelligent software enables you to have things done in just a few clicks. Our company mission is to help all sellers across marketplaces and make selling as easy as possible without compromising the time you have in a day that you can use to grow your business.

OneShop also has customer support team members who are always ready to help you with your app concerns. So, if you are ready to level up your online selling business, all you have to do is leave your phone number here, and we'll text you the app.

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