Secrets to Selling on Poshmark
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Here are some tips and tricks to help you succeed on this reselling platform.

There are Poshmark sellers, and there are successful Poshmark sellers racking up the dollars. While anyone can download the Poshmark app, build a closet, and passively wait for a buyer to purchase, it takes much more than that to be lucrative on this platform. Whether you’re a beginner trying out Poshmark as a side-hustle gig or considers your Poshmark closet your full-time business, we are letting you in on some simple secrets that help boost movement in your closet.

Bring your listing to life with a model or mannequin.

Online shopping is devoid of the thrill that comes from trying on clothes or holding an item in physical boutiques. To make up for the lack of tactile experience, sellers should compensate by making sure a listing is stellar in all aspects. If you sell clothes or accessories, whet potential buyers’ appetite with cover photos of the items as worn by you or a friend, or even a mannequin. This would give them a better perspective of the fit and how the material flows on the body. It is important to create eye-catching—or at least clean, crisp, cohesive—visuals for your closet to draw people in. Never underestimate what good lighting can do!

Match these photos with good descriptions (Using listing templates would help to ensure you don’t miss anything). And while it’s enticing to do otherwise, always be upfront about an item’s true condition. Disclose any tears, stains, or other imperfections. This may turn some potential buyers off, but truly interested buyers would appreciate the honesty.

Refrain from using stock photos or unauthorized images.

Tempting as it is for convenience’s sake, resist the easy route of using photos from the popular brands you’re listing – or other people’s photos for that matter – to avoid any copyright infringement or related issues. Investing in time and effort to take your own high-quality product photos is worth it, as it reflects your values as a seller and gives off a positive message to Poshmark users. Having an appealing closet that complies with Poshmark guidelines will also serve you well if you have plans to send in your application as a Posh Ambassador. You would want your closet to leave a good impression on the team evaluating your application!

Always incorporate keywords in the title.

You would want to craft your listing title strategically to reach as many potential buyers as possible. Since most sales might come from buyers using the platform’s search engine, keywords are indeed key. This is also one way to make your listing discoverable as a possible Host Pick for Posh Parties! Make search results work harder for you by including the BRAND NAME + STYLE + CATEGORY + SIZE and/or COLOR. If listing a brand-new item, include NWT or NWOT, to instantly catch Poshers’ attention looking for such. There’s a limit of 50 characters, so make use of each space wisely – and please proofread before publishing the listing. A glaring typo (TORY BRUCH or CHANNEL, anyone?) could be a good enough reason for some potential buyers to not click on your listing.

List your items above what you are selling for to make room for negotiation.

When it comes to retail pricing, always leave a little wiggle room for discounts and offers from potential buyers. So aside from factoring in the Poshmark seller fees and incidental expenses such as those related to packaging, consider the bundle discount and eventual price drops you will probably have to make to close the sale. The good thing about Poshmark is that you don’t have to worry about shipping labels and decide whether or not to factor shipping fees in your pricing strategy. By default, Poshmark buyers shoulder the flat rate shipping through USPS.

Other pricing tips: Research how much an item is typically priced on the platform. Variables such as item condition come into play, therefore you cannot just copy a seller’s pricing. Determine the range and price of your item within or close to it. Another thing is to time your price drops on Thursdays or Fridays when most people usually get their paychecks.

Subtly nudge likers to beat an offer and finally make the purchase.

One of the new Poshmark features informs Poshers of any offers made on a liked listing. This not only updates the likers of any activity regarding the item but prompts them to act fast if they want to purchase it. To sway this feature a little bit to your advantage, ask a friend or relative to send a lowball offer to stir things up and indirectly convince likers to buy. However, use this strategy only to listings with several likers to achieve the desired outcome.

Automate everything that you can.

We can’t stress this enough: There’s power in automation. Poshmark selling, as we’ve mentioned early on, requires going beyond the basics to be successful on the platform especially if you plan to derive full time incomes from it. Closet exposure is crucial, and it cannot be achieved by sheer luck alone. For one, you need to spend a substantial amount of time sharing your own listings and other Poshers’ too. Growing your followings also takes time. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it is only logical to rely on automation tools that work perfectly with your Poshmark account. OneShop takes the monotonous but important tasks out of the picture to allow you to focus on finding quality items to list and optimize its salability on the reselling marketplace. See the difference for yourself with our free 7-day trial!

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